Door Holder Application

If you are over the age of 25 and are willing to serve throughout the entire conference, we invite you to submit your Door Holder application below!

Please note that this application cannot be saved and should be completed in one session.

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To create the best experience possible for all Passion attendees, Door Holders are asked to serve the entirety of the conference and part-time positions are not available.

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A Little About You

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Past Involvement

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Are you comfortable using technology? (iPads)
Are you able to do heavy lifting (50+ lbs)?
Are you a certified forklift driver?

Door Holder Preferences

Please choose from the teams listed below in order of preference of where you'd like to serve. We will make our best efforts to place you on a desired team.

International Fund

Our prayer is that Passion 2021 would not gather students in the U.S. but would unite a generation all over the world. We invite you to partner with us to take Passion around the world with the Passion global events and to bring attendees from across the globe to experience Passion 2021. Give Now


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